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LAYOUT IDEA #04 Flip Flap

Today's Layout idea is a little different and the best bit is you make two cards out of the one piece of card AND if that wasn't enough you can size this to make ANY size card you want.

  • To create this card simply decide on the finished card size you want and times it by 2, so in my case my finished card is 6 inch square so my piece of card I needed was 12 x 12 inch.

If I wanted to create a 5 x 7 inch I need a piece of card (5 x 2) 10 inches by (7 x 2) 14 inches.

  • Next score the piece of card at your chosen card size so again for mine it was 6 inch square so I scored both sides at 6 inches

  • Once your card is scored you then cut diagonally from point to point

  • Then fold the flaps over to create the front of the card

  • To create your mat and layers cut the first 0.5 inch smaller on both sides and your second (if you are double layering) 0.25 smaller than the last.

  • Decorate these as you normally would, before cutting diagonally across.

  • I decorated mine using cracked pistachio and picked raspberry Distress Oxide.

  • I then stamped the large LOVE all over in picked raspberry

  • Finally I added the small flower in Smokey Grey Versafine to match my focal image

  • When I was happy with the background I stuck it all together.

  • For the focal image onto a scrap of card I stamped the larger sketch flower and painted it using Brusho. I also stamped a greeting straight onto the card.

  • To finish it off I added a mat to my image, and some floof.

Stamps Used:


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