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Here at CRAFTY ROO DESIGNS we are delighted that you have chosen to craft using our products. We are happy for you to sell your handmade items  for personal profit or charitable purposes.
However it is important we have an Angel Policy to help protect our designs and those using our products. WE also nee to protect the craft industry so that those who want to sell their handmade products can.
Please read our Angel Policy below with regards to our products
  • All designs, artwork and images are copyrighted to CRAFTY ROO DESIGNS and and violation of this will be pursued.
  • We do not allow any of our designs, images or artwork to be replicated as die cuts, toppers or stamped sheets.
  • Products made using our products to sell must be handmade (I.e. Finished card, home deco project, scrapbook, etc).
  • We do not allow mass production or the use of paid employees to reproduce our designs, images and artwork.
  • We have no restrictions on the numbers of completed handmade items you can make and sell.
  • We do not allow the use of any of our designs, images or artwork on company or promotional items.
In addition to the above:
  • We have no restrictions on selling your completed projects made using the downloaded image in part or whole. Images can be re-sized and cropped to make bespoke hand made projects.
  • Downloaded files can be on another computer as a back-up or to allow you to craft on the go, as long as it belongs to you and is only used by you.
  • The Digi Stamps are not for use in any commercial capacity. These files are for ‘personal’ use only.
  • We do not allow any sharing, lending, hiring or selling the files in any format. The agreement to purchase is for ‘individual’ use only. For clarity this includes;
    • You cannot print and sell the images individually or as a kit.
    • You cannot transfer to digital storage media to intentionally share, lend, hire or sell; this includes any no longer required back up of your original download. This also includes listing on auction, marketplace, or sales sites, as well as filesharing software or sites, and/or cloud storage links
    • If you transfer ownership of your computer or external/internal media storage containing the downloaded material, any back-up of the downloads you possess must be deleted
If you require any further information please do not hesitate to 
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