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Crafty Roo Designs has been founded by me (Kym) from a passion of all things crafty!
My creative journey started my years ago crafting along with my mum, making gifts for people at Christmas, which all adds to CRAFTY ROO DESIGNS unique approach to crafting! I love exploring many different aspects of crafting but always end up back using stamps, to me stamps are a tool, that aid your creative process. Be it making cards, customising clothes or letting yourself go and creating a Mixed Media masterpiece, stamps to me are vital in that process. 
I really hope you can join me and the CRAFTY ROO Team on our journey
Kym x


All of our stamps are designed and manufactured in the UK by the CRAFTY ROO DESIGNS team.

We pride ourselves on designing truly unique stamps that enable you to create stunning craft projects. We believe our stamps are the tools that help your imagination flow and your creativity dance!!!!

All of our stamps are manufactured in the UK by the CRAFTY ROO DESIGNS team, using only the highest grade Photopolymer, ensuring you receive a durable, crisp stamp to work with!


Here at CRAFT ROO DESIGNS we work really hard to bring you something different!


We put our heart and soul into making CRAFTY ROO DESIGNS different, friendly and affordable!

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