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KISS #16 Best Wishes

Simple Poly Plate background - Check

Statement image - Check

This card has it all!

Now let's just take a minute here as I often get asked what is meant by 2nd generation stamping - and well it's a very good question as it sounds very technical but it really isn't. It simply refers to an image that has been stamped a second time using the same ink, so if we were to stamp again without inking it would be 3rd generation.

In the case below our "black tree" is our 1st generation i.e. inked then stamped and the "grey" tree in the background is our 2nd generation image i.e. stamped again without inking up.

And you want to know my favourite thing about 2nd/3rd/4th generation stamping? it clears off the ink so I don't have too....


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