Advent Apologies

   Well that wasn't suppose to happen!

  I am so sorry, it appears some of the contents of the advent boxes  may have moved in transit, I did shake and bounce test them to check the contents didn't move, It would seem Royal Mail shake things up more than a 6 yr old!

  I can not apologise enough for this error, below is the positioning for all the stamps. If you slide open one of the side and slide out the plastic tray, position the stamps and then slide the tray back in this will make sure the days continue as planned.

  Once again I can not apologise enough for this error,  I was hoping to spread some festive cheer, not turn you all into Santa Elves!

  If you are still not happy please give me a call on 07598 509 437 or drop me an email at (Please check your Junk folder for our reply!).